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Domestic and Industrial Fire Safety Certs and Per-Purchase Engineers Reports

Disability Access Certification in Cork

Building Control Regulations Certification and Fire Safety Engineers in Cork

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Fire Safety Cork. Fire Safety Consultants providing fire safety Certification and Disability Certification.

We prepare fire safety applications and disability certs for businesses that need them.

We follow through every certificate until they are granted.

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Consultant providing Building Fire Safety Certification and Disability Access Certification in Ireland.

Irish Fire Safety Cert Cork
Checklist and Certification

John P Harrington and associates are experienced fire safety engineers in Ireland, over two decades of experience with Cork County Fire Services.
And a member of The Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) and is also a member of fire Engineers of Ireland.

We are based in County Cork with access to Counties Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Waterford and Tipperary with Galway, Sligo and Mayo. We provide a nationwide service teaching the tools of fire prevention in Ireland.

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We provide buildings with Fire Safety Certs, We train staff for Fire Safety Certification.

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Fire safety is a set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. A Fire Safety Consultant measures include those that are intended to prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts.

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Fire Safety services in Ireland are


  • Fire Safety Certification.
  • Fire Safety Consultancy.
  • Preparation of Fire Safety Cert applications for compliance with building control regulations.
  • Preparation of Disability Access Certificates for compliance with building control regulations.
  • Fire Safety Training for compliance with your health and Safety requirements.
  • Pre-purchase inspection on domestic dwellings.
  • Fire safety Assessment surveys of existing buildings and specifications for fire safety upgrade work.
  • Preparation of fire protection drawings for use in conjunction with assessment reports.
  • During construction surveys and monitoring of fire safety construction works.


Some questions that you may ask yourself are:

  • Do you have Fire Safety concerns, regarding the property you own or the property you are responsible for ?
  • Has there been a fire at your premises?
  • Have you been visited by an officer from building control ?
  • Do you need to have Fire Safety construction work certified ?
  • Is your new purchase, up to fire regulation ? Pre-Purchase Inspections


  • Want to have your property checked to make sure that it is Fire Safety Certification Compliant?
  • We provide a per-purchase engineers reports – numbering the structural damage and assesing the building before purchase.


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[testimonial author=”John Galvin.”]“Having worked with John, we found him polite soft spoken, an enthusiastic fire consultant that completes his work with great care with an eye for detail. We are very pleased to recommend John P and will continue to use his services on all our buildings in the future.”[/testimonial]

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Members of the following associations.


Fire Safety Certs and Disability Access Certificates in Ireland.

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Fire Safety Cert Engineers__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Fire Safety Certification in Carlow
Fire Safety Certification Cavan
Fire Safety Certification Clare
Fire Safety Cert Cork
Fire Safety Cert Galway
Fire Safety Cert Kerry
Fire Safety Certification Kildare
Fire Safety Certification in Kilkenny
Fire Safety Certification in Laois
Fire Safety Cert in Leitrim
Fire Safety Cert Limerick
Fire Safety Cert in Longford
Fire Safety Cert in Louth
Fire Safety Cert in Mayo
Fire Safety Cert in Meath
Fire Safety Cert in Monaghan
Fire Safety Cert in Offaly
Fire Safety Cert in Roscommon
Fire Safety Cert in Sligo
Fire Safety Cert in Tipperary
Fire Safety Cert in Waterford
Fire Safety Cert in Westmeath
Fire Safety Cert in Wexford
Fire Safety Cert in Wicklow
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