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Septic Tank and Pumps Repair and Maintenance Services in Kerry and Cork


Septic Tanks Serviced and Maintenance


Septic Tanks Repair in Cork and Kerry

Mechanical Septic Tanks Repaired in Kerry, and Cork.

Repair, maintenance and Servicing of Mechanical Septic Tanks

Our Technician’s have been repairing and servicing septic tanks the full range of mechanical wastewater treatments systems throughout the south west of Ireland for over 10 years, we are fully insured.

Septic Tank and Pumps Repaired and Maintenance Services in Kerry and Cork

We are competent and well skilled in all aspects of repair and servicing of all makes and models of Mechanical sewage treatment systems.

We are professional and will ensure you obtain a hassle free, fast, friendly and affordable service, with a strong after sales support where required.

Septic Tank Repairs. Ireland
We service tanks in the Munster area including Kerry Cork.

Every type of Mechanical Septic Tank Repaired

Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank and Pump Maintenance Service   Septic Tanks are a necessary often forgotten about until they are backed up blocked or broken down, very hard to ignore at this stage, Our team of pump and septic tank maintenance professionals can repair and service your pump. We use only quality, highest standard equipment, our efficiency …

Septic Tanks Fixed

Septic Tank Fixed Kerry Cork Call us 087 9795-682
We repair, maintenance and serving of Mechanical Septic Tanks

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Architectural Website Design

Architecture, Planning, Engineering Website Design in Ireland

Architectural Services Website Design

Architectural Services Designers, Planning, Engineering

Project Evaluation

At the request of the customer will carry out a project evaluation free of charge the project evaluation includes: Architects in Kerry

Define the customer objectives

It is important that the customer objectives are defined at early stage to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled. The customer should give consideration to how many housing units they wish to construct or if they wish to erect a family home only. Resale prospects should also be considered at this point. The above issues are important in that they will help Architectural Services decide on the best way to process the project in terms of waste water management and planning considerations.

Site inspection and Architectural Website Design

The site inspection will establish the general suitability of the site for building purposes, the impact of neighbouring properties and examine the basic planning and environmental requirements needed to obtain planning permission. If the site meets the basic requirements will generate an initial site sketch layout and forward it our environmental engineer who will carry out a preliminary site assessment .The P.S.A will establish if the site has reasonable chance of meeting the criteria needed to install an onsite waste water system.

House Design/Layout Engineers

will take the customer through all essential steps in order to finalize a design that meets their requirements in terms of layout and best use of space.

The customer should consider future needs when defining their particular requirements. The Exterior design needs careful consideration as the planning authorities have particular guidelines that must be adhered to and Architectural Services will advise the customer in this regard.

External Finishes Consultants

The choice of external finishes is important, particularly for planning purposes, depending on the location of the project. The materials chosen should be in keeping with the character of other buildings in area the issue of durability and maintenance should also be considered.

Our Products and Services Architectural Website Design

Sketch Designs
Detail Design and Planning Application
Architectural Modelling
Construction Drawings
Fire Safety Certificates
Free Consultation
Interim Payment Certificates

Onsite Supervision & Completion
Planning Objections & Appeals
Project Management
Quantity Surveying
Site Surveys & Percolation Testing
Site Visit & Survey Works
Snag Lists
Tender Process

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